Tree of Life

You just bought an orchard, you want to plant trees and shrubs but you don’t know where to start. You ask for a farm service in Oregon in maintaining your plants and even ask advice on what to do when you are starting a garden or a farm. Well, lucky for you we provide proper information about planting trees, taking care of them, and tree suggestions too. 

How to start a small orchard. 

  • Plan

Planning, a great way to start the day, it makes your goal more organized and helps you achieve your aim. The things you need to plan are: the trees that you’re going to plant, the money that you’ll be spending, the right space and resources that you’re going to need to achieve your objective. 

  • Resources

Water, Sunlight, and all that stuffs. You should have that basic equipment to grow a tree. 

  • Mind the Climate

Your country’s climate should always be minded. When you are in a hot and rainy place, you shouldn’t plant a winter seasoned tree. Let’s not confuse them. 

  • Necessities

From boots to shovels, a farmer should always have the proper equipment and clothing in order to plant a tree. 

  • Start growing

Since you have now the required objects, you should start to plant them now. Fruit bearing trees to non-fruit bearing trees, you name it.  

  • Protect

Trees attract different kinds of animals and you’ll have to protect them if the animals have any intention to harm the trees. 

How to plant a tree 

  1. Locate underground utilities first – There are underground utilities, you should be careful to harm them or break them. 
  2. Dig a big hole – A big hole is very necessary for a tree, because trees are big. 
  3. Remove – remove any unnecessary things. 
  4. Height – Put the tree in a proper height, where it isn’t deep nor shallow, just the proper height. While you putted it, straighten the tree so that it will be properly placed. 
  5. Fill – Fill the hole gently but firmly at the same time.  
  6. Care – Provide the trees what they need. 

Suggestions for trees  

  • Apple Tree

Apples are perfect for a sunny climate place, it isn’t only provider of fresh and juicy fruit but it is also very easy to plant. Have a lot of different kinds of varieties. 

  • Ann Magnolia 

Perfect for a spring vibe. Has a good adaptation of different soil types and it needs a full to partial sun exposure.  

  • Eastern Redbud

This tree is a tree for animal lovers, it attracts wild life of different kinds such as songbirds, chickadees, and etc. It prefers full sun or partial shade exposure. It doesn’t need much attention unlike others. 

  • Golden raintree

This tree is a fast-growing tree and will reach heights up to 30 feet tall. This tree has good protection for pests and disease, it also tolerates air pollution and drought, you can call this tree a fighter. It will indulge quite a lot of varieties of soil, so, this tree is versatile. That’s all. I hoped you learned a lot of things that has to do with starting an orchard to planting trees.